Desert Care Network Governing Board

Meet our Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for financial and professional oversight of Desert Care Network. Its members guide Desert Care Network in the delivery of high-quality healthcare to the Coachella Valley.

Desert Regional Medical Center

Lilia Pacini, M.D. (Chair)

Frederick Axelrod, M.D. (Chair- Emeritus)

Scott White (Vice-Chair)

Amir Lavaf, M.D. (Secretary)

Michele Finney, CEO

Neerja Kaul, M.D.  (Chief of Staff)

Ramy Awad, M.D.

Jacqueline Le, M.D.

Eric Presser, M.D.

Evett PerezGil (President, Desert Healthcare District)

Les Zendle, M.D. (Desert Healthcare District)

Ezekiel Bonillas, DBA, MBA

Grace Garner

Laura James

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Hi Desert Medical Center

Donna Munoz Aldana (Chair)

Jim Bagley (Vice Chair)

Gary Talley (Secretary)

Karen Faulis, CEO

Andre Kasko, D.O. (Chief of Staff)

Sumit Mahajan, M.D. (Chief of Staff Elect)

Christi Blauwkamp

Mohneke Broughton

Matthew Campos

Cathy Itnyre

Gholam “Gino” Zadeii, M.D.

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JFK Memorial Hospital

Richard P. Twiss (Chairman)

Michael Stutz (Vice Chairman)

M. Elizabeth "Betty" Sassano (Secretary)

Saeed Eskandari, M.D.   (Chief of Staff)

Karen Faulis (CEO)

Gloria R. Franz, CFP

Craig Hiddleston

Jeffrey C. Kirkpatrick

Emily Rekuc, D.O.

Jhan Schmitz

Gerald D. Sharon, D.Min.

Douglas T. Welmas

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