Comprehensive cancer care ready for you

With advanced technology, integrative care and a team of specialists who have dedicated their lives to the treatment of cancer, Desert Care Network’s Comprehensive Cancer Center is there for you every step of the way.

  • Multidisciplinary, patient-centered care with screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.
  • Nationally recognized by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons for meeting and exceeding 36 standards of care
  • Ongoing clinical trials with a network of research entities
  • Coordinated services under one roof with a satellite center in La Quinta
  • Serving the Coachella Valley for more than 25 years

Early diagnosis can have a big impact on your prognosis. Desert Care Network provides screenings for a variety of cancer types, including breast, prostate, colon, skin and lung. The center’s team includes medical, surgical, gynecological, gastrointestinal, and radiation oncologists.

Should you need therapy, we are expert in many of the latest available treatments. Our team works in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute, major universities, and other recognized research groups on clinical trials to bring you some of the latest therapeutic options, such as drug delivery techniques, biologic response modifiers and Immune therapy.

Our comprehensive treatment isn't limited just to your cancer. If you need support in other areas, we have dedicated team members willing to help you, including dietitians, psychologists and social workers.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center is designed to provide a warm environment while you receive the care you need — all in one place. Please call us at (760) 416-4800 to connect with a specialist.

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TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

Desert Care Network's Comprehensive Cancer Center has recently installed a new TrueBeam linear accelerator. The machine represents a multi-million dollar investment in some of the latest technology and will provide patients with faster, more precise and accurate cancer treatment.

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