Imagine life without pain.

Suffering from joint pain? The orthopedic specialists at Desert Care Network can give you the expert care and treatment you need and help you get back to a more active lifestyle.

Now you can turn to the Institute of Clinical Orthopedics and Neurosciences (ICON) at Desert Care Network. ICON provides:
  • Advanced, comprehensive orthopedics care – from diagnosis to outcome
  • A Spine Care Program that incorporates the latest research to help you prevent or lessen your back and neck pain
  • An award-winning Joint Replacement Program, with new surgical techniques for replacing hips and knees
  • Computerized assessment and treatment for your sports-related injuries, as well as baseline concussion testing
  • An orthopedic rehabilitation program that helps you rapidly rebuild and recover
Treatment and recovery is a complicated process. That’s why our orthopedics team of surgeons, physical therapists and nurses work collaboratively to develop individualized patient care plans that emphasize speedy recovery and maximize results.

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