Bone Health

Fighting osteoporosis and supporting bone health

Are you one of the millions of women at risk for developing osteoporosis, a disease that slowly weakens bones until they break easily? Early detection and the right treatment plan are essential for your long-term bone health. At Desert Care Network, we offer:

  • Some of the latest diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and other bone conditions and diseases
  • Full spectrum care with a staff of physicians, nurses and other medical specialists dedicated to your care
  • Personalized prevention and treatment plans

Are you at risk for osteoporosis?

At Desert Care Network, we can assess your risk of developing osteoporosis. Risk factors include, taking certain medications (such as steroids, anti-seizure medicines and heparin, and excess thyroid medications). Women who hit menopause early (before 45) or have gone through menopause are also at risk. Women with a family history of osteoporosis might be affected. Lifestyle choices such as heavy smoking, drinking and lack of exercise can play a part in the disease.

How can I tell if I have osteoporosis?

A simple and painless bone density test is the first step in determining if you are at risk or if you might already have osteoporosis. If the bone density test determines you have osteoporosis, you will receive an individualized treatment plan from one of our specialists. If the bone density test shows you do not have osteoporosis, the Desert Care Network team can provide you with valuable information on prevention, including simple changes your diet and exercise routine.

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