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Shubha's Breast Cancer Story

“Never ever miss getting your screening.”

Shuba Kerkar, MD
Doctor, Patient, Survivor

Since 1991, Dr. Shuba Kerkar has cared for patients at the Comprehensive Cancer Center. She never imagined the tables would be turned and she would become a cancer patient herself. She had annual mammograms for about 10 years – and then stopped. “Once or twice, I had to have a biopsy,” she said, “but it was benign. So I thought, ‘I’m not really at risk’ and life got busy, my kids were in high school, so I skipped two years.”  When she got a mammogram after missing two years, that’s when breast cancer was discovered and she began treatment at the Comprehensive Cancer Center. One of the most comforting aspects of her treatment was the caring, team approach to healthcare. “This is something they do every day and even if they don’t know the patient, I know everyone receives the same great care as I did.”

Today, Dr. Kerkar is back to her life. And she never again misses a screening.

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