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Recover more quickly from sports injuries

You and your family are more active than ever. That’s good news! But, as a result, athletic injuries have become more common. Sports injuries ranging from fractures to muscle tears and concussion can quickly take you out of the game. At Desert Care Network’s Institute of Clinical Orthopedics and Neurosciences (ICON), we offer a team of orthopedic professionals who can help you recover from sports injuries through specialized treatment of fractures, dislocations and a variety of knee, shoulder, wrist and other joint conditions.

Hands and upper extremities

Reaching, throwing, batting, doing the backstroke – all of those movements would be impossible without the versatility and flexibility of your fingers, hands, wrists, arms, elbows and shoulders. The intricate and mobile design of their joints, bones and muscles – coupled with the workout they get during sports activities – can make your body’s upper extremities highly susceptible to injury. Desert Care Network’s physicians and surgeons can treat and repair such sports-related injuries as sprains and fractures; full and partial dislocations; tendon, nerve and ligament damage; and rotator cuff tears.

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Most sports would be tough to play without the use of your knees, but they take a pounding in the process – not to mention sudden starts and stops, position changes and other repetitive stresses on often-hard surfaces. Those high-impact pressures can result in injuries that Desert Care Network’s physicians treat: fractures, dislocations, torn cartilage and ligaments and even the need for knee replacement.

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