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Prostate Health

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men in the United States. The most common risk factors are age, family history, and being of African-American descent. Getting regular checkups and screenings as you age is important to keep your body healthy. If diagnosed early, many prostate cancers won’t cause health problems for those who have them.

Desert Care Network’s Comprehensive Cancer Center can treat all stages of prostate cancer. With our multi-disciplinary approach, patients have a range of cancer experts available.

Our Team

  • Includes medical, hematological, surgical, and radiation oncologists, pharmacists, radiologists and imaging specialists
  • Has weekly meetings where the entire oncology team convenes to discuss treatment options for patients
  • Offers a variety of testing methods to screen for prostate cancer
  • Offers participation in clinical trials for many types and stages of cancer
  • Has locations in Palm Springs and La Quinta for testing and treatment

Clinical Trials

The Comprehensive Cancer Center participates in the largest national cooperative of group trials with the non-profit research organization NRG Oncology. This means patients can receive experimental treatments not available anywhere else. To view the clinical trials we are actively participating in, including high-risk and intermediate-risk prostate cancer trials, click here. To read more about our clinical trial processes, click here.

Advanced Therapies

We offer advanced radiotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals, and hormonal therapies for patients with prostate cancer. This includes:

  • spaceOAR™ Hydrogel, which minimizes urinary, sexual, and bowel side effects for patients undergoing radiation treatment while reducing radiation exposure
  • Radium 223, which improves overall survival rates of men with late-stage prostate cancer
  • TrueBeam linear accelerator, which is a recent technology in radiation therapy providing patients with faster, more precise and accurate cancer treatment
  • Androgen suppression therapy, which adjusts male hormone levels to prevent these hormones from increasing prostate cancer cells


I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer…now what?

Don’t panic. No matter what stage you may be in, there are treatment options available. Whether you need a screening or are interested in seeking a second opinion at the Comprehensive Cancer Center, our multi-disciplinary team will work with you to help determine the best course of care.

The first step is a proper staging work-up. This includes a clinical exam, bloodwork, and imaging studies. The workup will help determine what stage your cancer is at and what your risk level is. Once completed, our multi-disciplinary team meets to create the best plan of action for you.

Depending on the stage and risk level of the cancer, treatment can range from basic surveillance to participating in clinical trials.

Take your first step to prostate health

If you are ready to explore all of your screening options, give us a call or fill out the form below. If you have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer but want a second opinion about the severity or the best course of action, we’re here to help. One of our prostate cancer experts will be happy to talk through your options.