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Extraordinary Care for Mothers and Newborns

Having a baby is one of life’s most joyous events. At any of our 3 Desert Care Network Hospitals, you can be sure that the health of you and your baby is emphasized at every step along the way – from the first days of your pregnancy, to labor and delivery and even after you’re home with your newborn. Our Women and Infants Center provides you with:

  • A Healthy Beginnings program offering prenatal, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting classes
  • A Maternal Fetal Medicine Center for care and monitoring of high-risk pregnancies
  • A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for premature infants and those who need specialized medical care
  • Private Suites at our Special Additions Family Birthing Center at the Hi-Desert Medical Center location

Support services for you and your newborn

This time in your life is exciting as you look forward to meeting your new baby. But it’s also a time when you have lots of questions: What should I be eating? What can I expect during labor? Will I be able to breastfeed? How do I choose a pediatrician?

At Desert Care Network, support begins before your baby is born. Our Healthy Beginnings program at Desert Regional Medical Center offers classes, counseling and other tools to make you feel more confident about parenthood.

If a health problem — such as diabetes, hypertension or a heart condition — is a factor during your pregnancy, you have additional support with our Maternal Fetal Medicine Center. The center is staffed with specialists who will monitor you along the way to help ensure a healthy outcome for you and your baby.

Highly skilled care and resources also are given to high-risk newborns – both premature infants and those born with serious medical problems. Desert Regional's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) includes the latest technology for maintaining your baby’s health and development. It is also designed to support the entire family during a potentially stressful time.

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Are you interested in delivering your baby at Desert Care Network? Call to get more information about birthing classes and facility tours at (833) 310-2440.

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