Mother & Baby Couplet Care

mother and babyEach year, about 3,000 new lives join the “Born at JFK” community. So we pride ourselves on both a caring and experienced staff that focuses on the health of you and your baby – throughout your pregnancy, during your delivery and once you’re at home.

Our services include:
  • Mother-baby couplet care, in which you and your baby remain together while you’re at the hospital
  • Maternal Child Education, which includes classes in baby care and lactation

Mother-baby couplet care

infant photo

Following your baby’s birth, you can take advantage of our mother-baby couplet care —a postpartum level of care that allows you and your newborn to remain together. This allows you to learn your baby’s special feeding cues.

During this time, lactation specialists and nursing staff will be available to help with any problems you might have with breastfeeding.

Family Portrait

Professional photographers from Our 365 also are available to come to your room to photograph you and your newborn – either alone or with other family members. Our 365 provides access to a website with a unique password that you select. This allows friends and family who cannot visit you an opportunity to see the newest member of the family.

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