WATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device 

What can cause a sudden stroke? Something as simple as a blood clot traveling through your bloodstream to your brain.

Now, imagine a device as small as a quarter working to keep that from happening.

watchman device implantIt’s called the WATCHMAN™, a permanent implant that may help people diagnosed with atrial fibrillation – an irregular heartbeat that can cause blood to collect and may cause a blood clot.

If you have AFib, you are not alone. Some 2.7 million people in the United States also suffer from this disease - the most common form of irregular heart rhythm. The facts of having AFib are sobering: You are five times more likely to suffer a stroke than someone with a regular heartbeat, according to the American Stroke Association.

But with the WATCHMAN™ in place, not only can it help prevent a stroke it may offer you an alternative to taking blood thinners.

It requires a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Your doctor will insert the device into your heart via a catheter through a vein in your upper leg, similar to a stent procedure.

watchman deviceOnce inside your heart’s left atrial appendage, it opens up like an umbrella to stop blood clots from forming in this area and prevent them from entering your bloodstream. 

Following the procedure, patients typically need to stay in the hospital for 24 hours. 

Desert Care Network’s atrial fibrillation specialists at Desert Regional Medical will work with you to evaluate whether a non-drug alternative to blood thinners, such as the WATCHMAN™, makes sense for you. Together, you will develop an individualized treatment plan based on your medical history, risk factors and personal preferences.

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