Patient and Family Advisory Council

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Why be a patient and family advisor?

A patient and family advisor is some who:
  • Wants to help improve the quality of care for patients and their loved ones
  • Provides feedback to the hospital based on their experiences as a patient or family member
  • Helps plan changes to improve patient care.

Patient and family advisors provide a voice for patients, and families of patients, who receive care at Desert Care Network. Advisors partner with hospital doctors, nurses and administrators to improve the quality of patient care.

Advisors make a difference in the lives of everyone who receives services at Desert Care Network.

Who can be a patient and family advisor?

You can be an advisor if you or a family member received care at Desert Care Network within the last three years. No special qualifications are required. What’s most important is your experience as a patient or family member. We will provide you with any other training you need.

What do patient and family advisors do?


  • Share their story
  • Participate in discussion groups and hospital committees
  • Review or create educational and informational materials
  • Work on short-term projects
  • Serve on the Patient and Family Advisory Council

How do I apply to be a patient and family advisor?

To apply, download an application and send it along with any questions you may have to Kimberly Johnson, Associate Chief Nursing Officer.

Download the Application for the Patient and Family Advisory Board

Submit the application or any questions to:

Kimberly Johnson
Associate Chief Nursing Officer

email: [email protected]

Join us! Let’s work together to continually improve the patient and family experience.