Gastric Band

gastricThis procedure uses a device that consists of a band, connection tubing and an access port. The band has a silicone ring lining the inside that can be filled with saline (fluid) to narrow the stomach opening, thus limiting the amount of food that can pass over time. This procedure is performed laparoscopically.

Most patients lose between 80-100 pounds. The exact amount of weight you lose will depend on your compliance with dietary instructions and your tolerance to adjustments, in respect to the tightness of the band. Weight loss is slower with this procedure, with most of the weight loss occurring after the first 3-6 months. Results of the adjustable gastric band procedure have been encouraging; however, overall weight loss is less than with the gastric bypass.

The adjustable gastric banding procedure requires more stringent management and more frequent clinic visits to adjust how the band narrows the stomach

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