Erectile Dysfunction, Male Incontinence & Urinary Leakage Answers to Sensitive Issues Community Seminar

Jan 9, 2017

alexander-bobbyIncontinence and erectile dysfunction are two very private conditions for which people want answers, but may be hesitant to talk about openly. Here’s a great opportunity to get some answers.

Dr. Bobby Alexander and Dr. Farshid Mirzaee, both urologists on staff at Desert Regional Medical Center, will present an educational seminar on erectile dysfunction and male incontinence on Wednesday, January 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Sinatra Auditorium on the Desert Regional Medical Center campus. 

Incontinence is rarely a medical issue alone; it can often isolate people. Dr. Mirzaee understands how deeply incontinence can affect a person’s life. “A lot of patients become depressed because they stop interacting and isolate themselves. They don’t go out much because they worry they will wet themselves. But there are solutions and they can live a normal life after they get this treated,” he said.

Dr. Mirzaee said that male incontinence can sometimes result from treatment of prostate cancer – following radiation or surgery, but there are surgical options as well as medication that can be effective for treating male incontinence. 

farshid-mirzaee“Erectile dysfunction is very common among the elderly,” said Dr. Mirzaee. “This too can lead to depression, as it affects a man’s overall mentality. By restoring healthy sexual function it gives them more confidence and it improves relationships, too,” he said.

The most important point to take away, he said, is that there are options available. “You don’t have to live with incontinence,” said Dr. Mirzaee. “And if the pill doesn’t work any more for erectile dysfunction, there are other options for that, too.”

Both men and women are invited to attend this lecture. Click here to register or call (800) 491-4990.

You’re Invited
Erectile Dysfunction, Male Incontinence & Urinary Leakage
Speakers: Bobby Alexander, MD and Farshid Mirzaee, MD
Wednesday, January 18, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Desert Regional Medical Center,
Sinatra Auditorium
RSVP: (800) 491-4990

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